About Anon

We believe that anonymity leads to a sincere exchange of ideas. We’ve created a safe environment for communication, a place where you can meet people you want to meet and find new ideas and meaning. We help you find your tribe. You can then have private chats with them on anything and everything.

Anonym has thousands of interest-based communities. It gives you the chance to share your creativity and get rewards and constructive criticism in return. It’s easy to find kindred spirits: search by more than just looks and status. You can be yourself without trying to be liked. After all, the main thing here is freedom of thought.

We are constantly adding new communication tools. We want to help people find friends faster and tell their stories by sharing their ideas and creativity. Anonym’s story is not written yet: we’re inviting everyone to be a part of it. You are the main characters in this unfolding story.