How Messenger works

How Messenger works

Messenger is a quick way to communicate with Anonym users both in private and in group chats. 

How do I block a user?

In order to block a dialogue with a user, go to the chat menu and select Block.

Why can’t I write to a random user?

This usually happens when :

● the user has blocked you personally;      

● the user has generally prohibited the ability to send him private messages.      

What is group chat and channel?

Group chat is available for communication between users, up to 1000 users in one chat.

A group channel can have up to 10,000 subscribers.

If you need to increase the limit of participants, write to us at, and we will consider your application.

What is public and private group chat?

Public chat is a group chat that is available to all Anonym users, it can be found in the search or in the group chat window, also if the group chat is created from a Page, it can be seen in the Page (Page chats).

Private chat – available only to those users who are in a private chat or have been invited by chat participants. Private chats are not available in search.

How can I find more group chats?

Group chats can be found by searching for the chat name.

How do I create a group chat or channel?

You can create a group chat or channel in the messenger, as well as when creating a Page or within it, by selecting the appropriate option in the menu.