How it works: Thanks Rating

How it works: Thanks Rating

Thanks Rating

Thanks rating is an individual measure of useful activity of a member of the Anonym community, it reflects the depth of their participation in the life of the community.

Why do I need a Thanks rating?

The rating gives you access to new and additional features of Anonym. As you reach the Levels, the user opens up new opportunities and even premium functions: video and audio chats, private messages in augmented reality, the creation of virtual platforms and access to the Anonym virtual universe.

How is the Thanks rating calculated?

Thanks rating is determined by the user’s activity.

Users receive Thanks for:

● Content publishing (posts, videos, live broadcasts, maintaining Pages);      

● Received Rewards from Anonym users;      

● Activity and frequency of use of the Anonym application;      

● Sharing information about the Anonym application in other social media or inviting friends;      

● Video review of the application posted on social media (immediately opens Level 3 Anonym).      

Thanks rating is reset to zero if the user’s account is permanently blocked.

Anonym rating levels

The Thanks rating consists of 7 Levels . The higher the level, the more privileges:

Level 1

Up to 500 Thanks

Available b Learn the basics to the user function.

Level 2

Above 500 Thanks

Become available:

● Posting without moderation;      

● Launching Live Discussion.      

Level 3

Above 1500 Thanks

Become available :

● Comments without time limits.      

Level 4

Above 5000 Thanks

Become available:

● Free viewing of likes;      

● Unlimited chat requests.      

Level 5

Above 9000 Thanks

Becomes available :

● Avatar customization.      

Level 6

Above 14000 Thanks

Becomes available:

● A unique alias.      

7 level

Above 19000 Thanks

End of all restrictions.

Additional levels will become available as the community develops and new functionality of the Anonym universe appears.