How it works: Awards

Awards are how some Anon users reward others in gratitude for their active participation in the Anon universe. Users reward each other for content, gifted emotions and just like that. You can reward for post, comment, broadcast, video or audio.

There are four basic awards in total and many exclusive ones. The number of exclusive rewards is constantly growing – they change regularly, thus, the old rewards become unique, because they will no longer be gifted. Not a bad start for collectors;)

Major Awards

Silver – reward gives one day of Anon Premium subscription

Gold – rewarded with a week of Anon Premium

Platinum – rewarded with a month of Anon Premium

There is one more award. It’s not for everyone:

THIS IS TOP is a premium award, the owner gets access to Anon Premium for six months.

Exclusive rewards are also available from time to time at Anon. Some express conflicting emotions, while others are tied to an event, holiday or important date. Among such awards now you can find BRAVOSUPER LIKEI FEELBRAIN EXPLOSION and several others.

How do I earn Awards?

The awards are given by the users themselves for any content they like. This can be an incredibly useful publication, interesting everyday observations of a user, an exciting video of a network participant, and just his excessively funny thoughts in the comments.

In general, Anon is awarded for any expression of creativity, wit and talent. It is this kind of content that makes our universe special.

How to reward a user?

So, one more time. You can reward the Author for any content:

  • post;      
  • comment;      
  • page;      
  • broadcast.      

To reward the Author, you need to click on the corresponding icon (silver, gold, platinum or additional awards). Awards are purchased with Anonym’s local currency – Anon Coins.

Cost of main Awards

  • Silver – 10 Anon Coin
  • Gold – 50 Anon Coin
  • Platinum – 180 Anon Coin

The administration reserves the right to change the cost of exclusive awards for itself.

Anonym Awards

In 2021, the Administration established the Anonym Awards.

This is the annual Anonym Award, which, at the end of the year, is awarded to the very, very anonymous. Several nominations:

The Anon Pulitzer Prize is awarded to the author of the most interesting, in the opinion of the Administration, texts created during the year within the framework of the platform;

Anonymous Oscar is awarded to the author of the most useful videosin the opinion of the Administration, created during the year within the framework of the platform;

The title of Anon Commentator is given to the author of the most capacious, in the opinion of the Administration, comments written under the posts on the platform during the year;

The title of Interviewer Anon is given to the presenter or presenter of the most interesting or useful broadcasts held during the year within the platform;

The title of Patron Anon receives the most generous sponsor on the platform, an award-winning user-generated content the highest number of awards over the past year;

The Anon Media Award recognizes the creation of the most popular page-driven metadata within the platform* .

All Award nominees will receive lifetime access to Anonym Premium. With no restrictions. There is something to fight for, right?

* In the case of the Anon Media award, the entire team of the winning metamedia is awarded.

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