How it works: Finds

How it works: Finds

Finds is a section of the Anon universe where you can find loved ones by location, spirit and interests.

For convenience, Finds has three subsections:

  • Find friends. It is easy to find like-minded people here, people with whom it is interesting to do the same thing, as well as interlocutors on any topic.      
  • Search for relationships. Whether you are looking for a romantic adventure or even a serious relationship, Finds will tell you which user is best for you.      
  • Networking. Allows you to find your team to implement common ideas and goals. These can be business partners, specialists in a particular field, talented companions and creative personalities.

Why do I need a separate Finds questionnaire? 

These Finds questionnaires help to form the necessary search parameters, thanks to which users with similar interests will see you.

How can I add my profile to Finds?

Go to the Finds section, click on create a profile, then fill in the required information and click publish.

What is Voice Greeting?

A voice greeting helps to create a coherent image of the interlocutor, while maintaining anonymity. On the finished questionnaire in the Finds search results, the voice greeting will be displayed as a waveform icon over the image. You can listen to it by clicking.

What is Radar*?

The radar helps you find like-minded people by geolocation and interests. At the same time, the user’s anonymity status is preserved, since the Radar does not show the exact location, but only the distance to potential interlocutors.

Also, the Radar map visually displays the interests of users that coincide with yours (the closer the user is, the more matches are in common interests).

* Radar is now available on Andoid with a Finds + subscription, very soon Radar will appear on iOS, stay tuned for updates.

How to hide the Finds profile?

In editing the Questionnaire, you can select the option “Hide the Questionnaire”. The profile will be hidden for viewing by other users.

How can I delete a profile?

In editing the Questionnaire, select the “Delete Profile” option. The profile will be deleted permanently.

What does Like mean?

Like or Like – by clicking on the “star”, users show interest in the Profile of the user they liked.

What does a New Communication Request notification mean?

Such a notification appears when one of the users wants to meet you or just chat.

After confirming the new request, you automatically open access to the joint dialogue.

How do I send a chat request?

A request for communication can be sent directly from the profile of the user you like.

If the user confirms your request, you will have access to the dialogue with him.

How to hide or report someone else’s Profile?

You can complain about someone else’s profile or hide it using the drop-down menu of this profile.

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