How it works: Flow

How it works: Flow

Flow is a map of thoughts from around the world in the palm of your hand. This section displays all available publications with an associated geolocation: posts, video, audio, broadcasts, and so on. The content on the map is updated every second. The Flow section allows you to:

  • share stories, creativity and thoughts with the whole world;      
  • talk online, text or short video posts about amazing places, discoveries and interesting news from anywhere in the world;      
  • make new acquaintances of interest with people on other continents.

How to post to Flow?

To do this, the publication must be geolocated. You can select the geolocation of the post when you create it.

The maximum time for a publication to be in the Flow is 24 hours.

Anon users can shorten the lifetime of a Flow post. This is done using the “To Space!” Button.

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