How it works: Live Discussion

How it works: Live Discussion

Live Discussion is a new way to discuss posting. When text is lacking, a heavy artillery of arguments can be set in motion using voice and even looks. In the comments of any post, users can start a Live Discussion by clicking on the red button to the right.

How many users can participate in the Live Discussion

No more than 6 users can participate in the discussion at the same time, while such a discussion can have as many viewers as you want.

Live Discussion can be launched by any user?

Yes, to anyone who has reached the second level of Thanks and only under their posts. The remaining 5 participants can be invited on their own or wait for their application for participation. Everyone who was related to your post – leaving comments or likes under it – will receive a notification that a Live Discussion has begun under the post. 

Users themselves can choose the format of the discussion – only by voice or with video.

Blocking Users in Live Discussion

There is an opportunity for Moderators and the Host (the author of the post) to block the participant or transfer him to the status of a viewer in case of his inappropriate behavior or non-compliance with the Community Rules.

Blocked users will see, but will not be able to comment on posts; comments to the post will be hidden for them.

Encouraging the author of a post with Live Discussion

It is possible to give Rewards to the author of the post. This can be done by both Live Discussion participants and viewers.

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