About Moderation

About Moderation

Anon universe is open to easy communication and creative discovery. Therefore, its creators made sure that users would not be left without rewards for an interesting and exciting kitten. Conversely, for content that violates our Rules and / or user agreement, certain measures are provided. 

On the Anon network, you can publish:

  • text combined with a gallery of images;      
  • short text on the background, including gif;      
  • audio recording made with the device microphone in combination with a graphic substrate;      
  • video posts.      

You also can:

  • conduct live broadcasts;      
  • organize a Live Discussion (up to 5 users per discussion).      

Post anything that does not contradict our Rules, your law and common sense.

Why can’t I see my post in the Feed or Flow?

The post may not be published in the Feed (New) or Flow if the posted content violates the Community Guidelines.

What is content moderation?

Content Moderation – Checking for content compliance with the Anon Community Guidelines. All content of users with a Thanks level below level 2 is exposed to it. Content from users with a Thanks level above 2 is subject to moderation in the event of complaints from other users.

Can I edit posts after submission?

The editing mode is valid 24 hours after the post is published. After that, it will be impossible to change the publication.

How to get to Top and Recommendations?

To make your posts get more views and reactions, follow all the rules and guidelines of Anon:

  • share your truly interesting thoughts, your creativity, an unobvious look at current news;      
  • design publications competently, interestingly, with respect to the reader, so that the post is understandable for everyone;      
  • do not write / do not ask about banal things (for example, “recommend a movie”, “how are you”, “I’m bored”, etc.) Group chats on Pages are more suitable for such purposes;      
  • charge your content with emotions and personal charisma. Sincerity is the key to success.      
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