How it works: Pages

Pages are thematic blogs, communities, group chats, meta-media and other resources where like-minded people gather. They can be dedicated to a phenomenon, personality, place or any other manifestation of culture or objective reality. Pages are a great way to connect with your audience, build a community around a common idea, or simply blog.

How do I subscribe to a Page?

Go to the Page you want to subscribe to and click the “Subscribe” button.

The maximum number of Pages you can subscribe to is 200 Pages.

How can I find more interesting Pages?

In the Page Showcase section select a category from the list that interests you, or go to the Explore section . Anon will find all Pages for a given topic and sort them by popularity .

Can I create an Anonymous Page?

Yes. Each Anonym user can create a Page.

What Pages can I create with Anonymous?

Communities, thematic blogs and other Pages created for the purpose of communicating with their audience .

How many Pages can I create on the Anonymous network?

The maximum number of Pages you can create is 15 Pages.

What does private and public page mean?

● The Public Page is available to all Anon users.      

● A Private Page is available to those users who have subscribed to it and / or received an invitation from the Page administrator.      

Why is my page blocked?

The page may be blocked for the following reason:

● violations of the rules of the Anon network;      

● regular complaints about your Page from community members.      

Who is Page Admin?

The Admin of a Page is its creator, owner and / or administrator.

Admin Pages can:

● post / change content on it;      

● send messages on behalf of your Page;      

● moderate comments;      

● open access to users if the Page is private;      

● appointment of administrators / moderators.      

Who is a Page Moderator?

Page Moderator is the designated moderator who oversees compliance with Anon’s rules and Page rules, if any. Can:

● moderate user comments on the Page;      

● moderate content offered by the Page’s subscribers.      

The duties of the Moderator can be performed by the Page Admin himself.

How do I create a group chat on my Page?

On the created page, go to the Chats tab and click on the Create chat button. You will be asked to select its name and description, as well as invite interlocutors there from among the Page subscribers.

How many group chats can I create from my Page?

You can create up to 5 chats on your Page.

Can I host Ethers on behalf of my Page?

Yes. You can post Lives if your Page has more than 30 subscribers.

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