How it works: Anon Premium

How it works: Anon Premium

Anon Premium is a subscription-based paid service in the Anon Universe. Subscription directly helps us improve the functionality of the services of the universe, as well as unlocks access to early features and exclusive features of Anon. Namely:

  • Unique nickname (name) in Anon and customizable avatar of Anonym Premium;      
  • Publishing content without moderation;      
  • Ability to comment without time limit;      
  • Ability to include anonymous comments;      
  • Invisible Mode, which allows you to hide your online status;      
  • Unlimited viewing of likes;      
  • Accrual of 100 Anon Coin at the time of subscription and 20 Anon Coin for each month of the subscription. The bonus of 100 Anon Coin can be received only once — it is valid only for new subscribers of the service.

How do I get Anon Premium?

There are three ways to get the functionality and benefits of Anon Premium:

● Purchase Anon Premium Subscription      

This is the easiest and fastest way. The subscription is paid in the Profile section, is valid for a month and is renewed at the end of the time, if it has not been canceled earlier.

● Getting a high level Thanks      

For showing activity in Anon, the user will have a growing Thanks rating. As the rating grows, certain paid services from the Anon Premium package will be opened to the user. Upon reaching the 7th Thanks level, all paid functions become available to the user. You can learn more about the map of levels and rewards for achieving them in the section Thanks rating.

● Receiving Rewards      

Some Rewards can also earn you a limited-time Anon Premium subscription to posts, streams, or user comments.

There are three such awards:

  • Silver Award – access to Anon Premium for a day;      
  • Gold Award – access to Anon Premium for 7 days;      
  • Platinum award – access to Anon Premium for 30 days.      
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