Account recovery

Account recovery

What if I forgot my login and / or password?

In the Authorization section, click on the “Forgot password” button and follow the instructions in the application.

What should I do if I have not specified my email address when creating an account?

If your email was not specified when registering your profile, please contact Anon’s support service at .

In the request, indicate the possible data confirming that the restored account is really yours. Also attach a screenshot of your profile from user search.

What is Anon Login?

Login is the unique identifier for Anon. Login is required to authorize a user on the platform. Login can consist of Latin letters and / or numbers. The login is not available for viewing by other users and is used only for authorization.

What is a Nickname in Anon?

Alias ​​(nickname) – the display name of the user in Anon, which can be either fictitious or real. However, the nickname must not violate the Anon Community Guidelines.

Anon’s recommendations

To eliminate problems with access to your account, when registering, use the following recommendations:

● If you do not use your mail or phone number when registering, we strongly recommend that you write down your login and password on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place.      

● When registering, indicate your e-mail address by which you can restore access at any time without the participation of the support service.      

In order to eliminate the risks of fraud or the possibility of using your confidential information by third parties for personal purposes, we strongly recommend that you keep your personal data in a safe place and do not distribute it again.

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