How to launch your Broadcast?

How to launch your Broadcast?

In Anon, you can create live broadcasts from Pages, they are called Broadcast. Broadcast are available in several types:

  • Public. They are available to all Anon users.      
  • Private. Such broadcasts are available only to subscribers of the Page, as well as to invited viewers. 

The easiest and most convenient way is to use the “Start broadcast” function in a public or private Page.

You can launch Broadcast only after submitting an application for broadcasting Broadcast in Anon. You can leave a request here.

Casting Residents

An offer to become an Anon Resident for everyone with a warm heart and an open mind. We will be glad to see both beginners and professionals at the casting.

In live broadcasts, you can unleash your creativity 100%. Share interesting moments, life events that happen around you. You can have fun, chat and make money on your talent. Discuss news and hot topics live from anywhere in the world.

Broadcast format

It can be: an interesting monologue, personal discoveries, demonstration of your talents or unique abilities, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, humor, cooking, professional advice, life hacks … whatever ? The main thing is that everything is interesting and with a soul!

Benefits of the official status of an Anon Resident

The network host gains community recognition, new viewers, and the opportunity to collaborate with other official Anon hosts.

Live streaming allows you to earn rewards from Anon sponsors. The cooler the content, the higher the donation.

In addition, this is an opportunity to learn how to stream (for beginners), and along the way to expand your target audience. Development in Anon is possible with the assistance of a curator who will help with training and tell you how to reach new heights.

The Anon community is ready to support your creative endeavors. As your community grows, you will discover new benefits.

To obtain the official status of a Resident of the Anon network, submit an application and conduct a trial Air for the audience of your Page.

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