How it works: To Space

How it works: To Space

At Anon, we have given up disliking, but self-regulation is a necessary tool for a free community. Therefore, we implemented self-regulation a little differently.

We believe that sooner or later, all thoughts end up in Space – in a common space, from where people draw inspiration and ideas. Based on this paradigm, our To Space function works .

The user decides for himself how soon the post leaves the Flow and ends up in the space common to all thoughts. Thus, some publications may linger for a hot discussion in the Flow and New posts, while others are already going to the Universe – To Space.

Under each post, in the lower right corner, there is a rocket with a countdown timer. By clicking on the icon, the user sees a timer that counts down the remaining post time in the Flow and in the New Posts section. By clicking on To Space, you reduce its time by 5 minutes. The increase in post time in the Flow and in the New Posts section is also influenced by the number of likes and comments under it – the more there are, the longer the post will be with us and available for discussion.

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