How to use Wallet

How to use Wallet

The wallet is the section where transactions with your currency are made within the Anon Universe. Your Anon Coin and Voice are also stored here.

How is the conversion done?

You can:

● Transfer real money to Anon Coin;      

● Reward for Anon Coin Awards;      

● Receive for Anon Coin and Voice Rewards;      

● Transfer Voice to Anon Coin or real money.      

Conversion and withdrawal is carried out at the internal rate, you can always find out the current one in the Voice tab. There are also tabs “Conversion” and “Output”. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed.

Where to find Wallet

You can find Wallet by clicking on your profile and clicking on the Thanks rating icon next to your nickname.

What is Anon Coin and Voice

Anon Coin is the digital currency of the network that users receive for useful actions in the Anon universe. Anon Coin can also be purchased under Real Money Wallet. Current prices are always available in the Anon Coin replenishment section.

Voice is a conventional unit for real money withdrawals. Users can receive Rewards that are converted to Voice. They can be withdrawn to your bank card and / or exchanged for Anon Coin for purchases on the Anon network.

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